Poetry anthology

Notes on Language, themes/ideas, tone, structure, audience, speaker for all poems from the character and voice section in moon on the tides anothology. 

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Medusa- Carol Ann Duffy

Language- Use of human emotions (jealousy,doubt) Monsterous language ("bullet tears") 

Themes/Ideas- Monsterous, regret, scared, anger, arrogance, sad/depressing, sympathy.

Audience- An ex?, perseus, her love, hero? 

Speaker- Monster, human, girl, likes feeling owned by someone, feels sorry for herself, tries to scare?

Structure- 7 stanzas, single sentence at end, 42 lines, list of three ("a suspision, a doubt, a jealousy""perfect man, greek god, my own") Alliteration ("brides breath""buzzing bee") onamatopiea ("buzzing") 

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Les Grands Seigneurs- Dorothy Molloy

Themes/Ideas- Happiness& no happiness, power, control/no control, "owned", sympathy, "vein" 

Audience- Men? Womanhood

Speaker- attractive, married woman, full of herself? likes control

Structure- 15 lines, 4 verses, verse 1,2 & 4 have 4 lines

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