Plate Tectonics

Showing natural hazards and plate tectonics

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Constructive Plate Boundary

When two plates move away from each other.  Find mostly Volcanoes, and mid-oceanic ridges. (can sometimes find small earthquakes) An example is on the Eurasian Plate/ North America.


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Destructive Plate Margins

When the heavier oceanic crust slides under the lighter, less dense continental crust. Causes both volcanoes and earthquakes. An example is South America/Pacific.


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Collision Plate Margins

When two continental crust plates meet. As they are the same density unable to slide against each other. Most common is fold mountains and earthquakes. An example is Indio-Australian/Eurasain 


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Conservative Plate Boundary

when two plates move alongside, causes friction as they rub together. Causes earthquakes. For example, North America/Pacific. 


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