plant and animals cells

  • plants and animal cells have many organelles in common.
  • all organelles have different type of functions
  • the nucleus controls the cells and contains all of the gentic information
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palisade cell is a typical plant cell.

  • the cell membrane allow small molecules e.g water and gases to diffuse through.
  • the cell wall is made up of tiny fibres.toghether these are very strong,so that cell wall can be strong
  • chloropasts contain a green pigment called chlorophyll,this absorbs light energy.
  • the vacuole is filled with a solution of ions called cell sap.when the vacuole is full the vacuole supports the cell.
  • the cytoplasm is where many of the chemical reactions in the cell occur.the reactions are catalysed by enzymes.
  • mitrochondria are where the energy stored in sugar is realesed by chemical processes in the cell.
  • the nucleus controls the activities of the contains genetic information for making proteins.
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