plant and animal cells

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what are cells?

 cells are build blocks for living things

  • The larger the organism the more cells it would have
  • Cells are realy small and can only be seen in a microscope 

what is a microscope?

A microscope is a instrument used to see small things 

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Animal cells

An animal celll contains 5 feature these are:

Nucleus:A large substance in the cell which contain the chromosomes made out of DNA.The nucleus also controls the activities of the cell and how it develops.

Cytoplasm:A jelly like substance in the cell containing many chemicals. this is were the chemical recations occure 

Ribosomes:A BALL like stubstance found in the cytoplasm. This is were proteins are made.

Mitochondria:a rod-shaped subtance found in the cytoplacm. rhis releases energy from sugar through aerobic respiration 

Cell membrane: A thin layer around the the cell.this controls the movements of substances in and outof the cell

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Plant cells

Plant cells have the exact same fetures as a animal cell. Except they have three more. These are:

Cell wall: A rigid layer around the cell made out of cellulose which is strong and supports the cell

Chloroplast: A disc like substance found in the cytoplasm.they contain green pigments of chlorophyl which trap light energy for photosynthesis

Permenant vacuole: fluid-fuild cavity.This fluid is called: Cell sap. The sap supports the cell

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Bacteria cells

Bacteria:single celled orrganisms which dont have an enclosed nucleus

  • bacteria cells are reall small
  • you cant see them without a microscope

bacteria are some times good for us but sometimes the cause problems example:

          • pros:                            cons :                    
          • make food for us           they cause problems such as diseases
          • break down wast 
  • a bacteria cell contains:

DNA LOOP:these are stands of DNA which control the cell as there is no nucleus in a bacteria cell

  • Cytoplasm
  • Ribosomes
  • Cell wall 
  • Cell membrane

Capsul: a slimy layer around the cell wall that protects the cell example antibiotics

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Fungal cell

Fungi are single celled organisms

They include:mushrooms,mould, and yeast. yeast are commercially useful. they are used in making bread and beers.

you can see fungal cells using light microscopes

fungal cells contain:

  • nucleus
  • plasmid/vacule:contain exstra genetic information 
  • cytoplasm
  • ribosomes
  • cell membrane, and wall but the wall is madee out of chitin in stead of cellulose 
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