Physics : Forces

Quick overview of forces and mass


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Potential Energy (PE) = Mass (Kg) x Gravity (m/s₂) x Height (Metres) 

Kinetic Energy (Ke) = O.5 x Mass (Kg) x Speed (m/s) Squared

Weight = Mass x 10 ( On earth ) 

Potential Energy 

There are two types of Potential energy ; Strain and Gravitational. Strain is caused by compressing or streching a object. Gravitational is cause by the postion of the object.

Kinetic Energy

This is the energy of a moving object. 


This is the amount of matter in a object. Measured by a scale or blanace, and is measured in Kilograms or grams. You can change the mass by altering the object.


This is a force which is linked to gravity. Measured using a Newtometer and measured in Newtons. Weight changes due to changing gravity.

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