Physics exam 2012

Circuits and all parts around that area.

Physics Energy Card

  • The different forms of energy : Thermal, Light, Gravitational potential energy, Elastic Potential energy, Chemical, Kinetic, Sound, Electrical
  • The energy resources : Coal, Gas, Oil, Wind, Wave, Biomas 
  • Energy Transfers involve one type of energy turning into another through a process i.e Eating = Chemical and after work Thermal and Kinetic.
  • The Sun's role in forming non-reneable fossil fuels is that it shines on the earth and the light is taken in by the plants which turn the light energy into chemical energy.Plant dies and is squashed by milliions of years worth of sediment and forms coal,oil or gas. We dig this up and use it as an energy resource.
  • The differences between non renewable and renewable sources are that ince the non renewable ones have gone there are gone and there is no more of them where as renewable ones will be able for ever i.e solar and wind.       
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Physics Energy Card 2

  • Electricity is created using differnt energy resources i.e coal is burned to create electricity.
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