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ct scanner

A CT scaner is simply just another type of x ray machine. Computerised Tomography Scanner.The CT scanner simply rotates around your body to build a 3D image of your body.

The images a formed electronically using a CCD, CHARGED COUPLED DEVICE,  instead of photographic fim. The CCD allows the imaged to be stored electronically.

X rays and CT scanners can be used to diagose medical conditions such as bone fractures and dental problems. They also treat medical conditions such as cancer as they kill the cells.

However, x rays are ionising, so precations are taken to ensure safety. Otherwise you risk getting cancer.

  • patiets are only allowed a certain amount per year.
  • radiographers have to be behind a lead screen
  • hospital staff wear special badges as they change colour when in too much contact with xrays.
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x rays are part of the electromagnetic spectrum. after gamma rays and before ultraviolet rays.

x rays have a short wavelengh and cause ionisation. ionisation is whe x rays cause atoms to lose electrons so when a x ray hits an electron orbiting a nucleas, it gais energy causing the electron to be free.

x rays are used for medical imaging mostly imaging bones...

xray machine produces the xrays.... xrays travel through soft healthy tissue but get absorbed by metal and bone. ...when x rays hit the filmit turns black, the bits that are white, are where the xrays get absorbed by bones.

x ray images can be recorded on film. they are not sutable for pregnacy scans as radiation can cause mutations = birth defects.

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Sound waves are longitudinal and travel by particles vibrating. Sound cant travel in a vacuum as there are no particles to carry the sound. Longitudinal waves oscillate parralel to the dierction of travel.

  • Frequency is the number of waves that occur every second
  • Amplitude is how tall the wave is.
  • Wavelengh is the distance from one peak to the next

The hearing range for humans is 20Hz to 20,000Hz.   









































Ultrasound is sounds beyond human hearing range. Some animals can hear and produce ultra sounds but we have to use devices.























































Ultrasound gets partially reflected when they meet a boundary between two different mediums.


















































































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