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Using electrostatics

  • Many everyday items use static electricity to work, these include:
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Electrostatic paint sprayer

  • The nozel of the paint sprayer is posatively charged and the metal pannel is negatively charged.
  • The pannel attracts paint droplets and the droplets repel each other, spreading out and covering the object in paint.
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The photocopier

  • The drum of a photocopier is charged.
  • This then lowered as it is exposed to light.
  • Light reflects off the paper but the areas of black do not reflect so those areas of the drum stay charged.
  • The balck toner sticks to the drum where it is still charged and is then pressed onto the paper.
  • The paper is then heated to stick the toner to it permanently.
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Electrostatic hazards

  • For example if a fuel pipe becomes charged it could then spark and cause and explosion.
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  • A spark froma charged object can make powder grains or certain gasses explode.
  • To eliminate static electricity: use anti-static materials and earth metal objects.
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