Physics 2

Static Electricity's Uses.

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Smoke Precipitator

1) Smoke Precipitators..

  • As smoke particles reach the bottom of the chimney, they meet a wire grid with a high negative charge and this charges the smoke negatively.
  • The charged smoke particles are attracted to positively charged metal plates. The smoke particles stick together to form larger particles.
  • When heavy enough, the particles fall off the plates or are knocked off by a hammer. The dust falls to the bottom of the chimney and can be removed. 
  • The gases coming out of the chimney have very little smoke in them.
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2) Photocopier..

  • The image plate is positively charged. An image of what you're copying is projected on to it.
  • Whiter bits of the thing you're copying make light fall on the plate and thecharge leaks away in those places.
  • The charged bits attract negatively charged black powder, which istransformed onto positively charged paper. 
  • The paper is heated so the powder sticks. 
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