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Nuclear Fission

Chain Reactions

  • Energy released in a nuclear reactor from fission.
  • The Nucleus of an atom splits into two smaller nuclei, releasing seveveral neutrons and causing fissionable nuclei to split.
  • This Produces a chain reaction of events.
  • For fission to occur the uranium 235 or plutonium 239 must absorb a neutron. 

Nuclear Reactor 

  • consists of uranium rods spaced evenly in the reactor core.
  • MODERATOR- slows down free neutron, making them easier to be absorbed by the Uranium 235 nuclei. Water usually used.
  • CONTROL RODS- These absorb excess neutrons making sure that the reaction does not get out of control. Boron used.
  • HEAT- the moderator gets hot from the energy it absorbs from the neutrons. The heat is used to heat water which makes steam to turn a generator and makes electricity.
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