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The greenhouse effect

Explain, with reasons, three consequences of global warming via the greenhouse effect

Indictive content:

  • Increasing global warming leading to higher surface temperature will cause polar ice-caps to melt. This will result in an increase in sea-level causing widespread population displacement (refugees)
  • Crop failures, resulting in widespread food shortages and famine.
  • Deforestation, resulting in increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, leading to further global warming
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Ionising radiation

The figures in this experiment are all 'corrected for background radiation'. State clearly what this mean, explain why it is done, and include in your account what background radiation is and give its sources. (6 QWC)

Indicative content:

  • Background radiation is radiation from the environment in the absscence of the sorce under investigation.
  • Its sources include cosmic rays, which originate in space, radon, rocks and other materials in our environment.
  • To investigate the quantity of radiation recieved from a given source the contribution from background radiation needs to be subtracted this is 'corrected for background' leaving only the radiation from the source
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