P4-6 Equations

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P4-6 Equations

Speed (m/s) = Distance (m)

                            Time (s)

Mass (kg) = Momentum -P (kg m/s) 

                         Velocity (m/s)

Change of momentum =

Force X Time for which it acts













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P4-6 Equations

Work done (J) = Force (N) X Distance(M)

GPE (J) = Weight (N) X Height (M)

KE = 1 X Mass X Velocity 2


Velocity = 2 X KE = 1 mv 2

m 2


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P4-6 Equations

Unit of electricity (kwh)=

Power (kw) X Time (hr)

Power (P)= Current (I) X Voltage (V)

Vs = Ns

Vp Np


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P4-6 Equations

Np = Vp

Ns Vs

energy transferred when devise is on(J) =

Power rating (watt) X Time (s or hr)

Wave speed-V (m/s)=

Frequency- F (hertz) X Wavelength (m)

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