Key Ideas: Why do Chirstians believe in God

Key Ideas: Why do Chirstians believe in God

There are numerous reasons for believing in God. One Christian may have several reasons and two Christians may have a different set of reasons. The most common are given below. These link to the key words above:

  • The Universe is too complex and incredible to have come into existence by chance. Nothing happens without a reason or cause and God is the only possible reason for the existence of the Universe. God is the first cause.
  • Everything in the world is so perfectly adapted for its purpose that it must have been designed for it - by God.
  • We all have a sense of what is right and wrong even when we know on-one will find out about what we've done - this moral sense comes from God.
  • People have personal experience of God. For example, through prayer, a mystical experience, a conversion or having listened to someone else talk about God.
  • For some people brought up as Christians it is a part of their life that they have never been without.
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Key Ideas: people with no religious belief may arg

  • None of the reasons are proof
  • The creation could be complete chance as could evolution (Richard Dawkins: God is a dangerous illusion)
  • Conscienceis a product of the way we are brought up and the society we live in
  • Personal experience may convince the believer but it is no proof for anyone else
  • There is no proof that God exists but equally there is no way to prove He doesn't. It is a personal decision and is down to the beliefs of the individual - it is a matter of faith.
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Attributes of God

There is only one God

God is unlike anything else that exists

God is eternal and beyond both space and time

God is good and acts in the best interest of His creation

God has no physical body and is everywhere at all times

God is the creator of the world and everything in it

God has a purpose for the world; we may not understand what it is

God is interested in people and how they behave

God will judge everyone individually

God is all powerful and all knowing

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God has taken 3 main forms for His interactions with humanity: Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. Father is creator and like a caring, nuturing parent. Jesus is God himself - both fully human and fully divine. He chose to be incarnate (human form) to show people the right way to live. Jesus also shows God has power over death (resurrection). Holy Spirit is God's continuing presence on earth, present for all to guide, comfort and inspire them.

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God in the World: Miracles

Key Ideas:

God did not start off the world and then just disappear. Christians believe that He has had a relationship with humanity throughout history.

Concept of miracles:

Many people believe that God acts directly in the world through miracles. A miracle is something that is happening without rational explanation, something that should be impossible.

Examples of miracles include:

  • Miraculous healing (places like Lourdes are associated with this today)
  • Being saved from danger
  • Seeing visions of Jesus or the Virgin Mary
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God in the World: Jesus & Holy Spirit


God showed his involvement with the world when he came to earth himself in human form as Jesus. This incarnation is seen as miraculous (the Virgin Birth). The resurrection of Jesus is seen as a further miracle and Gods power even over death. In the Bible Jesus performs many miracles, for example, healing miracles, raising people from the dead and controlling nature

Holy Spirit:

After Jesus rose from the dead he was taken up to heaven (ascension); however, this does not mean that God no longer had a presence on earth. Christians believe that he sent the Holy Spirit to the world to be a part of the lives of Christians. The Holy Spirit is present for all believers, comforting, inspiring and guiding them.

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