Religious Views of Creation - Christianity

Day 1 - God created Heaven and Earth - let there be light (night and day).

Day 2 - God created Water and Sky.

Day 3 - God made rocks come up from the water - Land. God called the remaining water the Sea. God also created Plants and Trees.

Day 4 - God created the Sun, Moon and Stars.

Day 5 - God created Birds in the sky and Fish in the sea. 

Day 6 - God created Land Animals and a Man out of dust of its image and a Woman out of the man's rib (Adam and Eve).

Day 7 - God saw that all its work was Done and Good, so it Blessed its creation. God Rested aswell.

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Challenges to the Creation Story

  • Plants and Trees were created before the Sun meaning they wouldn't survive due to Photosynthesis that has been proven.
  • Light was made before the Sun
  • It's been proven that Dinosaurs were before Humans by Millions of Years not the same day.
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  • Some theists believe that the Genesis story is historically true and that God created the the world in six days, just as it is set in the Old Testament. People who adhere to this belief are often refered to as Creationist and Literalists.  
  • However, many religious believers prefer to view Genesis as a symbolic representation that isn't literally true. People who have this belief are often viewed as Non-Literalists
  • People that believe in intelligent design, believe that the World is too complex for it to be created by chance. There must be some form that is responsible for all this.
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Scientific Explanation for the Existence of the Un

The Big Bang Theory

  • Two atoms collide to create a massive explosion (nuclear fusion). 
  • This created the Universe.
  • Happened 13.7 billion years ago.
  • Started atom size and grew to the size of an Orange in a trillionth of a second.
  • Matter and Anti-Matter Collide.
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Hindu Creation Story

The universes are created by Lord Brahma (the Creator), maintained by Lord Vishnu (the Preserver) and destroyed by Lord Shiva (the Destroyer). These three gods make up the Supreme One who is behind and beyond all.

After each universe is destroyed, nothing is left but a vast ocean. Floating on this ocean is Lord Vishnu who is resting on a large snake (Ananta). Some suggest that a lotus flower bloomed from his navel (stomach button) and from this sprouts Lord Brama. It is from Lord Brahma all creation comes.

He grows lonely and splits himself in two to create male and female. Then he becomes one again and humans are created. All the other living things are made this way too.

When Lord Brahma has lived a lifetime of such days the universe completely destroyed by Lord Shiva. For and unimaginable time, chaos and water alone exist. Then once again the cycle starts again.

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