God, Revelation, Science and religion, immortality and Evil and Suffering.

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What is a thiest?

A person who believes in God

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What is a Agnostic?

A person who isn't sure what to believe

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What is a Atheist?

A person who believes there God doesn't exsist.

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What is a Personal Experience

I have seen it so i know it's real

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What is a Change Of Reasoning

Not seen it but there is a logic

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What is a Reliable Source

I have not seen it but other people have convinced me

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Can killing be Justified? YES

Yes :

Self Defence
Just Eg --> War
Euthanasia --> quality of life: compassion of patients wishes
                                            : Burden on the others when they love
                  --> Peter Raynor (MS)

Capital punishment --> Retribution: "an Eye for an Eye"
Proxy --> Power to make decisions on someone's behalf

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Can killing be Jusitfied? NO


'playing God'
illegal in most area's
Slippery slope
Theist 'thau shalt not kill
sancity of life
an eye for an eye and the whole worl will soon be bling - Ghandi

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What is a Creation?

The act by which God brought the universe into being.

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what is Evolution?

Scientific belief that life forms have changed over time, debeloping for simple to complex creatures.

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What is a Miracle?

A seemingly possible occurance usually good

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What is Death?

The end of a life, which can be determined in several ways, but normally when a brain stops functioning

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