Brief recap notes on Topic 2 'Periodicity' for AS level.

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Define periodicity

Periodicity is the repeating pattern of chemical and physical properties across different periods.

(This can include variations of different boiling and melting points and electronegativities)

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Describe the general trend of atomic radii

The atomic radius decreases across a period.

The atomic radius will also increase as the periods continue

(e.g the atomic radius of Ne is the smallest of Period 2, however Na has the largest of Period 3)

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Explain the trend of the atomic radius within Peri

As you go across Period 3, the number of protons within the nucleus increases, causing an increase in nuclear charge.

There is a negligible increase in electron shielding as you go across the period due to electrons filling the same energy level.

The atomic radius decreases because of the strong forces of attraction between the nucleus and electrons.

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