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What is body composition?

A combination of muscle, bone, and body fat

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What is cardiovascular respiratory endurance?

The ability of the heart to provide oxygen to the muscles over time

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What is muscular endurance?

The ability of the muscles to keep moving without getting tired

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What is muscular strength?

The ability of the muscles to exert a force on an object

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What is flexibility?

The ability of the joints to go through their full range of movements

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What is speed?

The ability to move quickly over a set distance

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What is power?

Speed x strength

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What is agility?

The ability to change direction quickly

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What is balance?

The ability to maintain stability when moving

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What is co-ordination?

The ability to move 2 or more body parts at the same time

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What is reaction time?

The ability to respond quickly to a stimulus

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