P1- The Earth in the Universe

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The Universe

The Universe-> Cluster of Galaxies-> Our Galaxy-> Our Solar System-> The Earth The Universe-Everything astronomers observe, contains huge numbers of galaxies, most of the universe is empty and cold. Cluster of Galaxies-they cluster together in "wispy webs". Our Galaxy(the Milkyway)- is a spiral galaxy (a central buldge with arms extending out, shaped like a disk) Our Solar System-The sun(our star) is central to our solar system which sits on one of the outer arms of the milkyway.

The Earth- (with it's moon)has a crust, mantle and core.

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History of Earth

14,000 million years ago-The big bang and the start of the universe(which is continually expanding) 5000 million years ago- a great swirl of dust and gas came together to form our solar system in the Milkyway galaxy(99.9% beecame the sun, the rest the planets) No exact times now- Earth Forms- Liquid surface cools to rock, oceans and the atmosphere form- Single-celled life- multi-celled organisms- animals with shells- plants on land- dinosaurs- people- TODAY

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