Ozymadias- power and conflict


Ozymandias- Context

Shelley wrote this poem in 1817 and was a romantic poet who came from a wealthy family. Ramesses the second was an egyptian pharoh who was referred to as Ozymandias.

Ozy= to breathe air

Mandias= to rule

The main message is that power is temporary even belonging to a great ruler.

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Ozymandias- Structure

There is one stanza throughout that is split up only by punctuation and a volta happens at line 9. It has 14 lines and is written in iambic pentameter. However a regular rhyme scheme is not followed, showing that without structure power is lost.

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Ozymandias- Techniques

The alliteration of "lone and level" emphasizes that there is nothing but a statue-no power.

plosive "boundless and bare" shows that it's huge but doesn't have power

Semantic field "vast, colossal, king of kings" throughout to show how a powerful ruler has fallen. 

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Ozymandias- Links/themes

Storm on the island- the power of humans and nature

tissue- the power of humans and the power of nature

the prelude- power of nature and pride

my last dutchess- inanimate objects, power of humans and pride

themes= power of humans, power of nature, arrogance, and pride

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