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Christianity Creation and the beginning of the uni

  • day 1 - separated the light and darkness
  • day 2 - separated the waters to make the sea and sky
  • day 3 - created dry land which separates the sea, plants and vegetation
  • day 4 - created the sun, moon and stars and the time and seasons
  • day 5 - created fish and birds
  • day 6 - created animals and then human beings
  • day 7 - rest

Main points:

  • God created the world, and it is good
  • there is a purpose to existence
  • humans have a special relationship to god and the world
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Hinduism creation and the beginning of the univers

  • There was nothing
  • giant cobra floated in waters
  • vishnu was sleeping on cobra
  • Humming sound
  • Vishnu awoke and a lotus flower grew from his belly button
  • Brahma was in lotus flower
  • Brahma brought peace and used three petals to create the heavens, earth and the skies
  • Then the plants and animals and the ability to feel
  • Brahma created all life
  • Vishnu sustains all
  • Shiva will bring things to their end
  • Object of life is to achieve Moksha - release from the endless cycle of existence
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How did the universe begin?

  • God is the creator of the universe
  • The universe has always existed with life cycles changing
  • There must be a creator, it couldnt have happened by itself
  • Brahman created all life
  • There is plenty evidence that life has evolved over the years
  • There was a Big Bang and a process of evolution, which could have been started by God
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Place of humankind in the world


  • Humans are to:
    • Serve God and to live for him
    • Obey God
    • Enjoy the world and its fruits/resources
    • Look after the world for God


  • Humans are to:
    • Perfect wisdom, heart and mind
    • Live so as to fulfil dharma
    • Practice ahimsa
    • Amass good karma
    • Gain moksha
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Why are we here?

  • To make the world a better place
  • To get the most out of life and do all the things we want to do
  • To care for the world and the creatures in it
  • To love God and to look after other people
  • Make most of the life we do have
  • To look after it for God
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What makes us human?

  • A complex mix of body, mind, personality and soul - you can not separate one from the other
  • In some ways we are similar to animals but in other ways we are not
  • We are made in the image of God
  • Our conscience - the ability to know right from wrong
  • Not just our physical bodies - also minds that think and decide and experiences that we reflect on
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How can we use our talents?

  • To do things we like doing and doing them well
  • Some may use their talents for their own gain
  • Do something useful and help others and benefits to you
  • To make your life better, the community and the world a better place for everyone
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Why should we use our talents?

  • Failing to use an ability is a waste and an insult to others
  • If you dont use a talent you might lose it all together
  • Not everyone can do everything for themselves so they rely on others to provide their skill
  • It is important to share our skills and talents with each other
  • If God gives you a talent you should use it thankfully to bring pleasure to others
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How should we use natural resources?

  • Wisely because God has given us the responsibility for caring for the world
  • They are not limitless so we should be careful
  • We can not just take we also have to give
  • Being a steward or guardian of the world means we have to be responsible and careful
  • resources are there for us to enjoy and make life better
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Animal Rights


  • Animals are part of Gods creation and should be treated with care and respect
  • Genesis 1 - given Dominion over animals but use our responsibilities carefully
  • Showing kindness and treating animals well as gratitude and thankfulness to God


  • All living things have an atman so they should be treated with care
  • Ahimsa is important as it is not harming any living thing
  • Honour to the cow as it provides milk, butter and fuel and work in the fields
  • Many Hindus are vegetarians
  • 'You must not use your God-given body for killing God's creatures' (Yajur Vedas)
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Care for the world and the environment


  • Humans should:
    • Live in partnership with God and creation
    • Exercise responsibility given by God to look after the world
    • Preserve and conserve the resources of the world and the environment
    • Give thanks to God for his provision


  • All living things have atman so need to be cared for and respected
  • Everyones duty or dharma to practice harmlessness and see good karma
  • Shivas role to destory things when the time has come so humans should not try to take over his role
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