Of Mice And Men- Slim


Slim is a respected worker

  • Slim is a "jerkline skinner" (he controls a team of mules)--a very skilled job. He's easy-going and his work team is the best one to be on
  • He's described as "the prince of the ranch" and he has "authority" --people listen to what he says
  • Slim's fit and healthy--which means he attracts the attention of Curley's wife. He's the only person she addresses by name, and he calls her "Good-lookin'"
  • Slim isn't intimidated by Curley's wife. He gives her the attention she's so desperate for by commenting on her appearance. This also shows that he's not afraid on Curley
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Slim is there at key moments

  • He supports Carlson at the crucial moment before Candy's dog is killed. This isn't cruelty--it's practical. The dog was old and was suffering
  • When he drowns four of his own dog's puppies he simply says "She couldn't feed that many." He had to kill some or else they would have all died
  • He organises Curley's trip to the doctor when Lennie breaks his hand
  • He twice says that Lennie has to be killed at the end--"I guess we gotta get 'im"
  • It's Slim who comforts George after he's shot Lennie--he sits next to him, then takes him off for a drink
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