''of mice and men'' chapter three

and overview of chapter three in of mice and men.

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overview -/

  • George talks to slim about Lennie touching the woman's dress in weed and them being ''on the run''
  • Candy's dog is killed
  • candy joins there dream of some land
  • curley's hand is crushed after a fight with Lennie
  • he is taken to a doctor but slim makes him say he crushed it in a machine
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George opens up to slim

George relaxes and chats to slim we learn that:

  • he has looked after Lennie since the death of lenny's aunt Clara
  • in the past George has abused his power. he made Lennie jump into a river once to show of to his mates.
  • George tells how Lennie gets in to trouble because he is ''dumb'' in weed he grabbed a woman's dress and would not let go! she is know claiming **** so they are on the run.
  • lennie is just a ''kid'' who is ''strong''- now he is in danger of killing his new pup through petting
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carlson kills candys dog

carlson never thinks about anyone feelings. when he is tierd of candys dog around the place stinking he just suggest he shots it! and that he could have a puppy instead.

  • he points at the dog with his boot to show where he is going to shot it.
  •  after shooting him he cleans hi gun in front of everyone in the bunkhouse.
  •  theres never any apology he just says ''he wont even feel it''
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there is a chance dream could become true!

candy overhear George and Lennie plans for a place of there own and wants to join them so he offers:

  • his compensation money form were he lost his hand
  • to make a will handing over his share to them.

george says he has a little farm lined up. all three decided to buy it at the end of the month.

this is prob the happiest moment in the book because you start to believe there dream is going to become true.

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curleys and lennie fight

  • slim burst in and curly follows groveling- he has just Beeni accusing slim of messing with his wife!
  • Carlson starts hassling curley stirring up trouble - ''your just as yella as a frog''
  • even one-handed candy joins in the argument- ''glove fulla vasline'' he yells discussed.
  • curly notices lennie smilling (still thinking about the dream)
  • curley orders lennie to stand and then starts pucnhing lennie  but he dosent fight back as he is scared and calls for Geroege

this carries on till George orders lennie to ''get im''

  • it like the mice & the womand dress in weed and his little brown and white puppy when he has a hold of it he wont let go.
  • curleys hand is crushed
  • slim pressuers curly to say he done it on a machine so lennie dont get fired.
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