Of Mice And Men

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Chapter 1

  • argument about mouse
  • Talk about dream
  • plan for lennie to run to the brush if anything goes wrong

garden of eden- description of the brush

Lennie walks behind george, george is like a father figure

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Chapter 2

  • George and lennie arrive on the ranch
  • candy gossips about the people n the ranch
  • the boss is angry with them
  • they meet- slim, carlson, candy, curley, curleys's wife and the boss
  • Curley's wife is flirty
  • Curleyis treatening towards lennie
  • George tells lennie to stay away from curley's wife
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Chapter 3

  • George tells slim the story of when they were in weed
  • candy's dog is shot by carlson
  • george and lennie talk about the dream and candy asks to join themand offers his money
  • lennie has the fight with curley and crushes his hand
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Chapter 4

  • Lennie goes to crook's room
  • candy joins them and they talk about the dream
  • curley's wife comes in and spoils it and is rude to all of them
  • the men return from town and curley's wife leaves
  • george tells lennie off for going into crook's room and telling other people about the farm
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Chapter 5

  • Lennie is the barn and accidently kills his puppy
  • Curley's wife finds him and they talk about their dreams
  • they find out they both like soft things
  • lennie strokes her hair but she gets angry because he strokes too hard
  • lennie panicks and kills her
  • lennie runs away to the brush and candy finds curley's wife in the barn and the men hunt lennie down
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Chapter 6

  • Lennie goes back to the brush
  • Lennie 'sees' his aunt clara and a giant rabbit who lecture him oin his faults
  • george find lennie and talks about the dream and kills him
  • the men arrive and george is upset and slim takes george for a drink. HOPE for a friendship between them
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