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Chapter 1 key points.

  • Tambu talks about the events that lead up to Nhamo's death.
  • Explains Nhamo's everyday life.
    • Going to school and coming home from school, studying and reading books.  
  • Tambu want's to go to school and recieve an education.
  • It gives a description of Nhamo. 
    • He is obnoxious and unfair to his younger sisters by making then carry his luggage. 
    • He taunts Tambu because he is receiving an education as Tambu is not. 
  • Tambu doesn't get along with Nhamo nor does her younger sisters. 
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Chapter 2 key points.

  • Tambu explains how her family is poor and that they do have funds to send her to school.
  • Tambu has to sell maize, so that she can make money for the school feel, whom she keeps with the school's headmaster. 
  • The mother of Tambu has to sell boiled eggs at the bus termius to pay for the fees, which, is only enough for Nhamo. 
  • Nhamo and Tambu get into a fight at Sunday school.
    • Over the mealies stolen fron Tambu by Nhamo. 
  • With the money from the maize she has sold, Tambu went back to school for the next 2 years. 
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Chapter 3 key points.

  • Arrival of Babamukuru.
    • He is praised as a God. 
      • Comes to the homestead in a calvacade.
  • Tambu is left out from the reunion as she didn't go to the airport. 
  • Nhamo is brought back to the mission by Babamukur 
    • Relief for Tambu 
  • Tambu is accepted amongst the women in the Kitchen. 
  • So that Nhamo is committed to studying, he is to go live at the mission. 
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Chapter 4 key points

  • Tambu heads off to the mission with Babamukuru
  • She is overwhelmed of Babamukuru's house and luxuries. 
  • Tambu is suprised of the way Nyasha speaks to her mother Maiguru. With lack of respect. 
  • Tambu shares a room with Nyasha and disapproves of her. Because of disrespect to her mother. 
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Chapter 5 key points

  • Tambu goes to school with Nyasha. 
  • Tambu starts to learn English and speak fluently. 
  • Many English ways, Tambu learns from Nyasha e.g how to use a tampon.
  • Nyasha gets into a fight with Maiguru over a book. 
  • The classmates of Nyasha thinks of her as she is trying to be "white". 
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Chapter 6 key points

  • Nyasha is studying for her exams, of which she has intention to pass. 
  • Nyasha however is concerned of losing weight. 
  • Tambu admires the Whites at the mission. 
  • Nyasha is called a whore and is hit by Babamukur. 
  • Due to problems with Babamukuru, Nyasha stops eating.
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Chapter 7 key points

  • Tambu, Babamukuru, Nyasha and Maiguru return the the village.
  • As they arrived to the homestead, Tambu realises the squaler she used to live in. 
  • Jeremiah doesn't live at the homestead but lives with Lucia. 
  • Tambu's mother Ma'shingay is pregnant and ill. 

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