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Adolf Hitler

  • Anti-Semitism and racial supremacy-Hitler believed that Nordic Aryan group was superior and the Jews were the roots of all evil. These ideas were at the heart of Hitler's political philoshophy. His hatred of communism was because he belived it to be a Jewish ideology.
  • Lebensraum and Versailles-Hitler believed it was the destiny of the Aryan people to expand Germany into Lebensraum. He also planned to destroy the Treaty of Versailles.
  • Anti-democracy-Hitler hated democracy. Believed that a system of Parliamentary government=weakening of Germany.
  • Fuhrerprinzip-Believed Germany needed to be domincated by one powerful leader.
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Hermann Goring

Positions:Prussian Minister of Interior, Reichstag President (1932), official deputy to Hitler (1941)

  • Became popular Nazi activist following his important role in the Munich Putsch in 1923.
  • Contacts helped him in appointing Hitler as Chancellor in Jan 1933.
  • Organised the Reichstag fire in 1933 in order to discredit the communists.
  • Power increased when he took control of Luftwaffe(air force) and 4YP office in 1936.
  • Responsible for removing Jews from German economic life and for the exploitation of conquered territories.
  • Warned Hitler of a war with Britain and France and organised Munich Conference in 1938.
  • Reputation undermined by defeat at Battle of Britain and failure to prevent British bombing of Germany.
  • 1941- Ordered the preparation of a general solution to the Jewish question.
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Joseph Gobbels

Positions: Minister of Propaganda and Popular Enlightenment (1933), author of Nuremberg Laws (1935), organiser of the Kristallnacht (1938), Reich Plenipotentiary for the Total War Mobilisation (1944).

  • Joined the party in 1925 and became an expert on propaganda.
  • Invented the Hitler Myth.
  • Was a master of publicity and exploited the Reichstag fire, the burning of the ooks etc.
  • Violently anti-Semitic
  • Vital in repressing July Bomb Plot in 1944.
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Heinrich Himmler

Positions: Head of the ** (1929), Head of the Prussian police and Getapo (1934), Minister of the Interior (1943), Commander-in-Chief of the reserve army (1944).

  • Joined the party in 1922 and became a member of the Reichstag in 1930.
  • Increased the strength of the the ** from 200in 1828 to 52,000 by 1933.
  • Set up the first concentration camp (Dachau 1933).
  • Masterminded the Night of the Long Knives which led to the dominance of the **.
  • Strong belief in Aryan racial supremacy and tried to make the ** a racial elite. Supporter of the Final Solution.
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