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Bhangra dances become part of the Harvest celebrations

origionally a male dance

strong enegetic steps representing farmers movements on the fields

most traditional bhangra is done in groups

Dancing in a circle is common

Arabic strunt pyramidsare created in the middle of the dance

Chaal Rhythm

Structure of bhngra 4 beats in a bar (verse - chorus)

Artist of bhangra music - Alap Malkit Singh Punjabi Mc

Hoi shout off throughout the music

1970s it populated into modern form

Instruments in bhangra music are:Table            
Dhol                                                                                                                        Sarangi                                                                                                                               Tumbi                                                                                                                                          Kanchi                                                                                                                       Dholak

Bhangra is sang in Punjabi

Tempo of Bhangra music is - Fast crotchets

Music technology                                                                                                              SamplerSynthesizer
Drum machine                                                                                                       Scratching

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Club dance

Club dance originated in the Uk (America and Europe)

The dance is improvised free style and movement of the hands and upper body

Technology is used in club dance by -Drone
Looping                                                                                                                              Sampling

The different style of club dance are -                                                                                 House                                                                                                                               Garage                                                                                                                           Ambiant (no drum beat)
Drum and bass                                                                                                                Tetno

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