Morpeth floods


Morpeth floods- Case study

Morpeth- Wansbeck River Basin 

  • Extreme low pressure system 
  • 6th of september 2008 
  • 230% of rainfall normally expected in the whole of september 
  • Wansbeck valley is steep and narrow with rapid surface runoff. 
  • Soil already saturated from a wet summer 
  • Error made from environment agency's flood warning system meant that the middle greens area did not get a warning. 
  • Delivery of sandbags too late 
  • Pleasure boats were supposed to be used as rescue boats were already flooded. 
  • One thousand properties affected
  • 90 businesses flooded. 
  • Property damage £40 million
  • 400 residents evacuated 
  • High ford wier destroyed 
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Morpeth floods- Responses

  • Fire fighters, ambulances, RAF, RNLI.
  • Morpeth flood disaster fund raised over £20,000
  • Environment agency working with the Northumberland Country Council to develop a scheme to reduce flooding risks in Morpeth. 
  • This encloses the building of a large dam of the Mitford Estate to hold water further upstream. 
  • Repairing and strengthening of culverts 
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