Models of Memory

The multi-store model, including the concepts of encoding, capacity and duration. Strengths and weaknesses of the model. 

The working memory model, including strengths and weaknesses. 

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Multi-store model

MSM of memory (Atkinson and Shiffrin) is based on the assumption that there are 3 kinds of memory:

  • Sensory memory - Entered through 5 main senses & stored briefly here until either recognised or no longer needed. 
  • Short-term memory - Storing info ,between 15-30 seconds.
  • Long-term memory - Concerned with remembering things for longer periods of time (from a few minutes to a lifetime).


  • Evidence from lab experiments
  • Distinguishes between short and long term memory stores 


  • Explanations are too simplistic
  • Rehearsal is not well explained 
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