Mitosis and The Cell Cycle

"Explain the role of mitosis and the cell cycle for growth and asexual reproduction." spec point 2.3.6


Cell Cycle

  • Cell cycle brings about new cells for asexual reproduction in simple celled organisms and growth or repair of new cells
  • There are different stages that the cell goes through before division (mitosis)
  • These are part of Interphase
    => Cell enlargens and DNA doubles (two identical daughter cells are going to be produced)
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Asexual Reproduction

  • Binary Fission

=> splitting of the original parent cell after mitosis

=> two new, identical individuals are formed

=> bacteria and protoctists e.g. Amoeba do this

  • Producing Spores

=> Spores produced after mitosis can grow into new individuals

=> most common in fungi and plants like mosses and ferns

  • Regeneration

=> where organisms replace parts of their bodies that have been lost

=> e.g. lizards can shed their old tail after it being attacked or damaged and actually grow another one!!

=> some organisms can reproduce themselves asexually from fragments of their own original body

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