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Changes in retail services

Today the distribution of shops and shopping centers is more complext than in the past. Improvements to roads and motorways means shopping centers can be developed away from built-up areas and therefore away from congestion in city centers. You can also now purchase goods online and this has impacted retail services. 

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Changes to peoples life style has affected shopping patterns. 

  • More people have money to spend (disposable income)
  • More families have a car giving them access to shopping centers
  • Electrical appliances such as freezers and microwave ovens mean people buy food for several days or weeks in advance and no longer buy fresh food everyday.
  • More women work and have less time to shop everyday.

Some traditional shopping centers have suffered as teir customers prefer to shop else where.

Today many cities have:

  • Serveral 'Super stores' e.g. Tesco
  • Out of town retail parks with everything you would need
  • Large out of town shopping centers.  

These types of retail developements tend to be out of town where land is cheeper and there is more space avaliable to expand and build. It is important to be close to main roads/motorways so customers and devlivery vehicles can have easy access. 

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Merry Hill - Advantages

Advantages of the new shopping center:                                                 

  • Fun and friendly
  • Can buy lots for not a lot of moeny
  • never get wet
  • You get diffrent shops
  • Enclosed (safe for children)
  • Weather proof
  • Cinema
  • Good for families
  • More jobs
  • Easy to locate
  • attractive
  • easy access for disabled
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Merry Hill - Disadvantages


  • Shopping has moved out
  • Main part of town is deserted when it used to be busy
  • No money
  • Loads of cheap shops
  • Big brands have gone
  • People are losing jobs
  • More shops have gone.
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