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Crystal Structure

Same basic properties.

Due to special type of bonding in metals.

Metals held together with metallic bonds.

Soecial bonds allow outer electrons of each atom to more freely.

Creates a sea of delocalsied electrons throughout metal giving it metal properties.

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High Melting, Boiling Points and Density

Hard, dense and lustrous ( shiny).

Strong attraction between delocalised electrons and closely packed positive ions so strong metallic bonding.

Strong metallic bonds need lots of energy to break apart so high melting and boiling points.

Strength of metallic bond (and melting point) decreases as atomic radius increases.

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Strong, Bendy and Malleable

High tensile strength, strong and hard to break.

Can be hammered into different shape.

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Good Conductors

Sea of delocalised electrons move freely through metal carrying electrical current or heat energy.

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Metal to Use

Saucepans - good conductor of heat, doesn't rust easily - stainless steel (cheap)

Electrical wiring - good conductor of electricity, easily bent - copper

Aeroplanes - low density (light), strong, doesn't corrode - aluminium, sometimes titanium ut more expensive

Bridges - strong - steel, mostly iron with a bit of carbon making it less brittle

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