Metal Properties


Metal Properties: Density and Strength

Metals are generally very strong. This means that they require alt of force to squash, stretch or deform in any way.

The reasons for this is partly due to their density. Metals are very dense which means their atoms are held very closely together.

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Metal Properties: Malleability and State

Most metals are in a solid state at room temperature except for mercury. This means they have a high melting point (it takes a lotof heat to turn them into liquid). 

  • Metals can be malleable. This means they can be bent into different shapes. 
  • The opposite of malleable is brittle. Non-metals are usually brittle and if they are bent, they will usually snap, like a ruler. 
  • Metals are also ductile which means they can be drawn out into wires.
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Metal Properties: Conduction and Electricity

Metals are good conductors of heat and electricity. This means that heat and eletctricity can move through the metal really easily.

  • The reason for this is how the atoms are bonded together.
  • The atoms are held together by free electrons. 
  • These electrons can move between the atoms and transfer the thermal and electrical energy through the metal. 
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Metal Properties: Appearance and Sound

Metals are generally shiny especially when freshly cut, and polished. Non-metals are usually quite dull. If something is shiny we say it is lustrous.

  • Metals are also described as being sonorous which is to do with the sound they make. If a metal is hit, it will make ringing sound that lasts for a short while after being hit.
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