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Age affecting EWT - AO1

  • Parker and Carranza - child witnesses more errors than students. 
    • Child witnesses higher rate of choosing 'someone' byt made more errors with identification.
  • Yarmey - 651 adults in public. Recall physical characteristics of young woman spoken to 15 secs two minutes ago.
    • 3 age groups; young, middle aged and older. No significant difference. Older - less confident
  • Memon et al - studied accuracy of young and older eyewitnesses
    • If delay short (35 mins) no difference in accuracy.
    • When delayed by one week, older significantly less accurate.
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The Own Age Bias - AO2

  • Majority of studies asked to identify people of college age. 
  • P's may have superior memory for faces in their age group.
  • Anastasi and Rhodes - 3 age groups (18-25, 35-45, 55-78). 
    • Shown 24 photos to rate attractiveness...Filler activity.
    • Shown 48, 24 from before + 24 distractors. 
    • Young/middle aged significantly more accurate than older P's.
    • All groups more accurate in identifying own age group.
  • Findings consistent with own-race bias - people better at identifying faces from own ethnic group. Brigham and Malpass
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