maths modular 5

these are some breef cards for the modular 5 maths topic.

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area and perimeter.

To find out the area of a square all you have to do is the base times 5cm x 6cm= 30cm

To find the perimeter of a square you have to add the two bases together and then the two heaghts.e.g

Find the perimete of a square with each side measuring 2 inches. [IMAGE] ( P ( = 2 in + 2 in + 2 in + 2 in = 8 in

Finding the area of a semi circle.

Area of circle is pi x square of radius. Divide that by two to get half-circle

3.14 times diameter
Pi X Radius Squared
Divide By 2
Add Diameter/Length Of Base

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Linear- A linear equation has a value which is un known. For example, 7x-3=6When working out Linear questions you can use the trial and improvement method. Think what would times by 7 but not me to big so you can take three and end with 6. e.g x=2 7x2-3=11 too big. x=1 7x1-3=4 too low. And you would carry on from there.

equations with brackets-2(3x-5)=4x

firstly times the number out of the barckets with the ones in them.

6x-10=4x after this subtract 4x from both sides.

2x-10=0 Then add ten to each side.

2x=10 finally divide by 2.


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