Maths revision 2015

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Stat. words

Primary data: collected yourself

Secondary data: collected by someone else 

Continuous data: we measure 

Discrete data: we measure 

Qualitive: word value

Quantitive: number value 

Population: all the items

Sample: selection from the population

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Trig in context

Top tips:

  • Use hand/sketch of hand
  • 0 - on the thumb then number the other fingers in order 30, 45, 60 and then 90 on the pinky finger.
  • Remember Sin is on the left and Cos is on the right.
  • Square root and divide by 2.


  • Put down/ scribble out the finger with the number you're trying to work out.
  • which ever value you're doing (sin/cos) count the fingers which aren't put down in the right direction. 

Exapmle: ( find cos30 )

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