Maslow- Humanist

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Maslow- Humanist

Satisfy basic needs to ensure survival+ self-actualisation is seperate motive. Deficency motives, if do not aquire them you are deficet, if have them, you are motivated by them.

Physchological needs: Air, food, drink, shelter. Early years: Allowed nap and snack time. routine and vaccine support. Residential home: Hot meals, washing facilities, exercise ect. Day care: Walks and classes, shelter, warmth.

Safety needs: Protection, security, order and law. Early years: Dangerous objects away, doors locked and badges for staff. Residential home: Building safe, supervision, emotional safety. Day care: No access, staff assessment, equipment check.

Belonging/love: Family, affection, relationships. Early years: Counselling, relationships, group activity, promote frienship. Residential home: Group activites, community involvement, understand personal development, family contact. Day Centre: Support communit and family, confidential. 

Self-esteem: Status, achievement, responisiblity. Early years: Listenn, promote diffferences, circle time and praise. Residential home: Respect, independance, diversity. Day centre: Encouragement, independance, advice.

Self-actualisation: Personal growth and fulfilment. Not possible. New hobby.Provide opps. 

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