The rite of a marriage

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Rite of a Marriage part 1

Part of the Rite                   Description                          Explanation

Welcome and purpose of the marriage
- Priest welcomes everyone and tell them what marriage is- The people have a duty to support the couple throughout their life's.

The liturgy of the word- Reading from the Bible (love and happiness) priest talks about importance of marriage- remind the sacrament of christian marriage and responsibilties of married people.

Questions- ask couples before they are marry- to make sure the couple have taken marriage freely and without force, will honour and love each other for ever. 

Exchange of Vows- 'Joseph do you take mary to be your wife? do you promise to be ture to her in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health to love her all the days of you life?' reply 'I Do'- Vows express that it should be loving, lifelong, supportiing at all times and exclusive.

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