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What is Marketisation?

Marketisation is the introduction of market forces into education. This enables school to be ran like a business.

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What are some problems with marketisation and who

Marketisation has contributed to the inequalities into education, and does not take ethnic minorities into account:

.Foreign families have a lack of accsess to information about the school. For example the brocheure may be in English and they can not speak English fluently.

.They can not send their children to out of catchment schools. They may have to send their child to poorly looked after local schools with bad grades. And they can not afford to send their child to out of catchment schools. And the parents can not "play the system" through the league tables. This is material deprivation

.Ethnic minorities who experience the worse outcomes from education are usually the poorest in society. Through the lack of cultural capital they can not take part in after school activities making them less attractive some schools, such as universities etc.

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The New Right approach to marketisation?

The New right think that school should be ran like a business, and parents school be able to choose where their child goes to school, this is a parentocracy. They believe education should be ran like a private school.

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Key Sociologists

Chubb and Moe (1990)- They argue that marketsation is beneficial to the education system, as it raises school standards and makes it more efficient.

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