Lord of the flies

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The island

  • Contains many dangers eg. coconut falling, sun burns them and isolation is a curse.


  • First seen as paradise and looks to good to be true. 'Ralph- "Here at last was the imagined but never fully realised place leaping into real life"


  • Ralph reflects at the end that once a "stange glamour" but becomes "scorched up like dead wood"
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The loss of innocence

  • Piggy- Always innocent but adult of the group


  • Ralph- Start of the novel boy enjoyed fun
  • -lost innocence through being a leader         


  • Jack- because of the hunting and killing of simon                   



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War (aposing leader at war)

  • Jack


  • Ralph- revoled around war (father in Navy)
  • -trys to keep peace


  • Roger- meaness and visiousness
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  • Roger- Distroys littlens snad castles, "Roger let the way stright trough the castles, kicking them over"
  • -Throws stones at Henry, "Roger stooped, picked up a stone, aimed, and threw it at Henery- threw it to miss"
  • Rolls bolder on Piggy
  • Jack- chops pigs head off
  • -leader of hunters
  • -part of Simon death (incorges it)
  • -fights with Ralph
  • -uses te sheath knife, stabs it in ground (his actions forshadow death of others
  • the ritual 'dance' revoles around violence, "kill the pig, cut her throat. bash her in"
  • Beast- threatning violence to Simon
  • -evil inside of the others
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  • Signal fire- Savagery taking over (kepps going out)
  • -keep fire going, keep civilistaion going
  • Simon murded last symbol of goodness and civilisation
  • Simon- not effected by the change of setting
  • -Moralistic
  • Ralph- middle class up bringing
  • -father in the navy
  • -has morrels
  • Piggy- intelegent
  • -respects the conch
  • -thinks like an adult most of the time
  • -piggy's glass
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  • no language = savagery
  • the beast- what it looks like
  • Jack and Roger- their actions see violence
  • -threw stones but to miss- knows its wrong
  • -the mask connect to savergy
  • The island- behaviour
  • setting- weather- pathetic fallacy- predicts tragady
  • -the rain stoms


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  • Roger- nasty tempermant
  • - foreshadows Piggy's death (throwing stones)
  • Beast- Pigs head
  • -foreshadows simons death
  • -represts evil in all the boys
  • Jack-hunting, evil coming out
  • -fighting with Ralph
  • -evil always been in (stronger as the novel goes on)
  • killing pigs and humans
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  • Ralph and Jack friends at the start, but Raph knows Jack hurt when become leader, root of violence
  • littlens games+ violence and broken friends, "Percival had gone off, crying and Johnny was left intriumphant possession of the castles"
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