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  • in section 3, George and Slim are having a conversation about Lennie. The ensuing conversation takes on a 'tone of confession' where George confides in slim who listens sympathetically. The lighting adds to the atmosphere as where they are sitting is in the light whereas everyone else is in darkness.
  • In section 6,Steinbeck loves to use light in his descriptive passages. 'the light climbed on out of the valley and, as it went, the tops of the mountains seem to blaze with increasing brightness' The light flaming on the mountains is a recurrent image. Steinbeck even describes a bar of it shining in the bunkhouse.
  • Everytime curleys wife enters the bunkhouse, she cuts out the light in the doorway.
  • George ans slim sit in the light albeit artificial. The light is being used as a symbol as an image that describes far more than the physical features of the object described. The light Syeinbeck uses could be interpreted as goodness, moral or virtuous.
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