Life after Death

RS - life after death

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Christian's beliefs about life after death

Jesus - Jesus rose from the dead, crucified => buried in a stone tomb

-if Jesus rose from the dead, their must be life after death

Creeds - the creeds teach at church that Jesus rose from the dead => Christians supposed to believe what the creeds said

Immortality of the soul - when the body dies => soul lives on with god

life a purpose - life after death makes sense => gives life meaning and purpose

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How life after death effects the lives of christia

Being judged after death - try to be good through out life follow bible's teachings etc => get rewarded in heaven

Good Christian life - follow teachings of Jesus that taught to love God and to love your neighbour as yourself => judged by God => effects life after death

Meaning and purpose - life after death gives them a meaning to behave well in life. they will mostly end up less depressed than atheists and agnostics

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Non - religious reasons for believing in life afte

Main reason => Paranormal Activity

Near death experience -

- when people are clinically dead => then come back to life

- quote's from people that have had them :

- peace and joy

- floating above body

- dead relatives

people are convinced that this is evidence for life after death

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Non - religious reasons for believing in life afte

The spirit world -

ghosts and ouija boards - suggest's evidence of spirits and souls of the dead

Medium - A person who claims to have a gift by communicating between the material and spirit world

Banned in Old testament - Contacting dead in old testament =>

' A man or a women who is a medium or a fortune teller must be put to death'

Reincarnation -

Soul reborn - Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist's believe this

-some people believe => just the essence from one body to another => doesn't involve God

Deja vu - the feeling of familiarity in a new situation, or memories of past lives

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