Legislation is a written law and a formal document. It is also an Act of Parliament (statute). 

To legislate : Make law. 

Stautory authority means given permisson under Act of Parliament.

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The State - 3 arms.

The state are a group of bodies, that govern us.

  • The Judiciary (Judges, courts) - They apply the Law.
  • Parliament/ the legislature - They make the law. 
  • The executive Government - formulate idea's behind the Law.

No one arm of The State should do the job of another.

No one person should be a member of more than one arm. 

Consititution - Set of rules / how our state is made up / how we are ruled. 

Government - party with the most seats in Parliament 

Prime minister - Head of party. 

The prime minister chooses back benchers to run different departments. The collective name for ministers is 'cabinets'.

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