law chapter 1

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the character of a rule

  • rules devlope from 'norms of behaviour'
  • many rules will be about morality
  • ' a general norm, mandating or guiding conduct' - twining and miers
  • we sumbit ourselves to it voluntarily or because its enforceable 
  • there are rules that operate in specific contexts
  • rules that come from custom are driven by feelings of self-guilt
  • custom rules can harden into rights and then become so widely excepted that it becomes common law
  • rules are generally obeyed :
  • 1) they carry a sense of obligation
  • 2) because  its reasonable and fair
  • 3) a penalty may be imposed if the rule is broken
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legal rules

norms of behaviour:

  • developed over time
  • ought to be obeyed
  • are enforced by dissaproval of the community
  • are voluntary and apply only to those ho accept them


  • can be changed instantly
  • must be obeyed
  • are enforced by the courts
  • are obligatory and apply to everyone
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criminal law

                                                                                 criminal cases:

purpose of law:                                       to maintain law and order, and to protect society

person starting the case:                   usually the state through the crown prosecution service

legal name for person:                                                      prosecutor

courts hearing case:                                 megistrates court   +  crown court

standard of proof:                                                      beyond resonable doubt

person/s making the decision:                     guilty(convicted) or not guilty (aquitted)

powers of the court:                                         prison, community order, fine, driving ban

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civil law

                                                                      civil law:

purpose of the law:                   to uphold the rights of indivisuals

person starting case:               the indivisual whose rights have been affected

legal name for person:             claiment

courts hearing cases:               county court  +  high court

standard of proof:                       the balance of probabilities

person/s making desicions:     judge ( very rarely a jury)

desicions:                                 liable or not liable

powers of court:                         award of damages, injunctio, specific performance of a contract

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