Nominative: The Subject of the verb. us,a,o,is,or,ns

Accusative: The object having something done to it. um,am,em

Dative: to or from

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Nomnative, Accusative and Dative/Romans

Nomnative:  The Subject. - us, a,o, is, or, ns.

 Accusative: The thing thats  having the object done to it.  - um, am, em

 Dative: to or from.

Roman Houses (10-13)

Daily life and food (23-25)

Roman Baths (124-127)

Entertainment - gladiators and the theatre (64-67 and 107-111)




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Present Imperfect and Perfect Tenses

sum: i am                                                                                eram: i was

es: you (singular) are                                                             eras: you (sing) were

est: s/he is                                                                              erat: s/he was

sumus: we are                                                                        eramus: we were

estis: you (plural) are                                                             eratis: you (pl) were

sunt: they are                                                                         erant: they were

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Word Order/ Missing Nominative

Mili discum inspexit: Milo looked at the discus.

discum inspexit: he looked at the discus.

The objet in Latin is always in the middle of a sentence.


Instead of writing the full sentece eg. The Merchant, you can shorten it down to just s/he.  eg. A merchant was visiting Caecilius. He entered the house.

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