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A simile is another type of figure of speech. An exmaple of this would be "the clouds look like pink fluffy candy floss.

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The rule of three

The rule of three suggests that things come in threes. An example of this is "blood, sweat and tears".

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Direct address

Direct address is where the writer addresses the audience. An example of this would be "you" or "I".

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Facts and Figures

Facts and Figures are good for backing up points . An example of this would be "75% of students will achieve a grade C or higher in their English exam".

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Onomatopiea is where the word sounds like the sound. An exmaple of this would be "bang".

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 Frequent repetition of a phrase or question; dwelling on a point. An example of this would be
"And I looked upwards, and there stood a man upon the summit of the rock; and I hid myself among the water-lilies that I might discover the actions of the man. . . ."

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Emotive Language

Emotive language is where the author uses emotion to express the peice of writing. It also makes you adapt to the authors opinion. An example of this would be "The victims were executed in cold blood".

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