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"'Cathy, do come. Oh do - once more!"

Chapter 3 

After the ghost sequence with Lockwood 

Heathcliff is addressing the ghost, begging her do come inside Wuthering Heights once more. 

Despite Heathcliff's blatant disregard for religion and spirituality, his love for Cathy makes him accept the possibilty of her being a ghost - more than accept it, beg for it. 

He'll take her in whatever form, so long as he can be with her once more.

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"Heathcliff as a usurper of his father's affection

How Hindley learns to regard Heathcliff. 

Familial love is demonstrated here between Earnshaw and Heathcliff 

As well as betrayal of love for Hindley 

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"He had room in his heart only for two idols - his

About Hindley. 

Hindley is only capable of loving Frances and himself 

Selfish love and selfless love 

Hindley is portrayed to absolutely adore Frances, he would do anything for her. Cathy describes them as utterly insufferable and "like babies" 

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"Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are

Cathy talking to Nelly about Heathcliff 

After this book was published the use of the word "soulmate" increased dramatically - interestingly never used in the book but constant references are made to their souls being binded forever etc. 

They are one and the same. Like the poem talking of being one flesh 

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"He's always, always in my mind... as my own being

She doesn't think of him because he brings her pleasure, she thinks of him because he is her. 

They are one and the same, united, one person for eternity etc 

He is her. 

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"I'll try to break their hearts by breaking my own

Cathy talking to Nelly about Heathcliff and Edgar 

She knows that they are both deeply in love with her. She knows that if she were to die they would both spend the rest of their lives longing to die in order to be with her 

Selfish love, despite knowing this she still wants to cause them both immeasurable grief and pain - would they ever do that to her?

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"picturing in me a hero of romance"

Meta - as though Heathcliff knows how so many readers perceive him in this book 

Isabella is as foolish as so many people who read this book. They believe Heathcliff is a poor misunderstood soul who is an intense and passionate romantic. In reality, his love for Cathy is passionate and wild, but other than that he is a cruel and bitter man who wants everyone to feel as **** as he does. 

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"I twisted the two, and enclosed them together"

The locks of hair from Heathcliff and Lockwood. 

Symbolic of their constant competing for Cathy's love. Even when she's dead, they will continue to fight for her no longer beating heart 

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"He bestowed more kisses than ever he gave in his

Cathy and only Cathy is his love. He cares for nothing else and no one else. His passion and affection is reserved solely for her. 

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You and Edgar have broken my heart, Heathcliff!"

Still, Cathy wants to hurt them by hurting herself. Did they actually break her heart by having one argument? Highly unlikely. She is a spoilt drama queen who just wants to get her own way 

She knows by saying that, she will hurt Heathcliff more than she has ever been hurt. 

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