Jews In Nazi Germany

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Timeline: The Holocaust 

1924 - Hitler writes "Mein Kampf" 

1933 - 1st April: One day boycott of all Jewish businesses.

1934 - anti-Jewish propaganda increases.

1935 - Sept: Nuremberg laws - "Law for protection of German Blood and German Honour" bans marriage (or any kind of sexual relationship) between Jews and Aryans. "Reich Citizenship Law" deprives Jews of German citizenship. "Law for the protection of Genetic Health of the German people".

1936 - Lull in anti-Jewish propaganda (Due to Berlin Olympics).

1937 - Sept: More Jewish businesses confiscated.

1938 - Gypsies sent to conc. camps. June/ July: Jewish doctors forbidden to treat Aryans. Oct: Red letter 'J' on all Jewish passports. Nov. Kristallnacht.15th Nov Jewish pupils forbidden to go to Aryan schools.

 1939 - Jan: Jews must all have the same first names, Sarah or Israel, encouraged to emigrate. 12th March: First mass arrests and Jews sent to conc. camps. Sept: WW2 begins. Warsaw ghetto: 500,000 Jews die.

1942: Wansee conference plans genocide - Jews moved to death camps.

1942-1945 six million Jews, 500,000 Gypsies, countless others murdered. 

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Kristallnacht (night of broken glass): 9th-10th Nov. 1938

A young Jewish man killed a Nazi - was angry about the treatment of his parents. Goebbles was out of favour with Hitler due to his affair with a Czech actress, won back Hitler's favour through Kristallnacht. 

Hitler benefitted as it satisfied the hatred many Nazis had for Jews. The Nazis also gained money as much of the property damaged was rented by Jews from Nazis and they charged them for the damage. 

7500 Shops, 4oo synagogues damamged. 91 Jews killed & 30,000 sent to conc. camps.

Immediately following Kristallnacht: Jews fined one billion Reichmarks for damage. 15th Nov. Jewish pupils to attend Jewish schools. 

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