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Isomerism: Deffinitions

Displayed Formular: shows all bonds present in a molecule

Structual Formular: simplified - only shows main bonds

Functional group: 'Foot print' of a type of molercule                                                                                e.g. Alcohols: Oh, Alkenes: C=C, Haloalkanes: a halogen. 

Structual Isomers: Same molecular formula, but different sturcturs

  • Chain Isomerism: different arrangments of carbon skeleton e.g. branched
  • Position Isomerism: functional group in a different place (e.g. c=c, Br, Cl)
  • Functional group Isomerism: different functional group

Sterioismoerism: same structual formular, but the bonds are arranged differently

  • E- 2 groups are on opposite sides of the double bond
  • Z- 2 groups are on the same side of the double bond
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