Input devices

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Input devices

Concept Keyboard - An item that needs less training as they show an image and allow that input to be added to a list, Used often in Fast Food Chains.

Trackballs - Act a presison cursor impliment which allows it to be more useful in C(omputer)A(ided)D(esign) In which it has no Surface incompatibility in tracking.

Joysticks / Game Controllers - Analog sticks / Controllers have been used a the controller for the big screen for a while as Keyboard and mice are less portable and are quite bulky. But some maufactures are making 'lapboards with magnetised integrated mousepads.

Digital Cameras / Webcams - Are items that allow images / videos to be captured and then edited into a computer via wifi direct or by usb connection.

Microphones - Are a input of sound these have diiferent pickup patterns or the area they can best input sound from. these are inputted via USB or XLR or 3.5mm Jacks.

Touchscreens - are either resistive or capacitve resistive is less precise but can be used with gloves on whereas capacitive which is used in phones as it is precise and  is not glove friendly

Graphics tablets - use capacitve touch sreens and come with a pen usually

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