Information Systems: Week 5

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Cyber Crime: Part 1

Types of Attack

Social Engineering:

  • Use social pressures deceive computer users into compromising computer network security.
  • Hacker exploits user's desire helpful, trust (naivety) + fear getting trouble.
  • Common example use telemarketing ploy (Phishing + email scams).


  • Viruses, Worms, Trojan horses
  • Email most common malware vector also from altered programs via e.g. cracks.

Watering Hole

  • Computer attack strategy, which victim part particular group.
  • Attack = attacker guesses/observes which websites group often uses + infects 1/+ them malware.
  • Eventually, some member targeted group gets infected.
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Cyber Crime: Part 2

Types of Attack: Part 2


  • Type cyberattack malicious actor inserts him/herself conversation between 2 parties.
  • Impersonates both parties + gains access info 2 parties trying send each other.

SQL Injection

  • Structured Query Language e.g. SELECT column1, columi.
  • Injection attack wherein attacker executes malicious SQL statements control web application's database server.


  • Definition: 'The activity of illegally using a computer to access information stored on another computer system/spread a computer virus.'
  • Evolved from Phone Preaking - Cap'n Crunch + 2,600hz + Blue Boxes.
  • Most common hack through social engineering = Finding/guessing password.
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Cyber Crime: Part 3

Types of Attacks

Password Attacks: How passwords stored? Hashing...

  • Passwords encrypted, using encryption standard e.g. MD5/SHA-1, produce fixed length 'hash'.
  • Is 1-way + only hash stored (+ user ID).
  • Login = password enter encrypted + resulting hash compared against stored hash.
  • Hashes stored databases/text files.

Denial of Service (DoS) + Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

  • Attack aimed deny users access computer system (usually website).
  • (DDoS): Attack from network compromised computers specific date/time.
  • Example: Attack website where flood data packets sent target computer + overload resources.
  • Examples: Bots, zombies, botnets.
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Cyber Crime: Part 4

DDoS Attacks

  • Mirai malware turns networked devices running Linux remotely controlled 'bots' used part botnet large-scale network attacks.
  • Primarily targets online consumer devices e.g. IP cameras + routers.


  • Attack encrypts data, forcing (digital) payment decryption key.

Revil (Sodinokibi)

  • Is/was Ransomeware-as-a-service (RAAS) operating out Russia 2020-2021.
  • Recruits affiliates distribute code.
  • Splits revenue generated ransom payments.
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